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Becoming a Living Witness of the Mother’s Suffering Abused by her Father, Dul Jaelani Firmly Refuses to Be Called Similar to Ahmad Dhani

Grid.IDDul Jaelani indeed known to be very close to his mother, Maia Estianty.

It’s even been a long time Dul Jaelani choose to live with the mother rather than live together Ahmad Dhani.

Since childhood, witnessed the suffering of the Mother after divorced, Dul Jaelani assertive reject likened to the father.

What is the reason?

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Dul does not want to be confused with Ahmad Dhani

Dul Jaelani bluntly admitted that he wanted to live with Maia for a long time.

In fact, Dul had revealed that he had been back and forth from home Dhani to Maia’s house since she was 14 years old.

In 2019, Dul also shared his reasons for not feeling at home in his father’s house.

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Quoted from Banjarmasinpost, Tuesday (4/21/2019) through the YouTube channel Atta Halilintar, Dul just wants peace by living with his biological mother.

This is because Ahmad Dhani’s house is too crowded to live in.

In fact, Al Ghazali also moved to Maia Estianty’s house.

“It’s my wish, wish, my wish has always been,” said Dul in a broadcast of Okay Bos on the YouTube channel TRANS7 Official, Friday (26/6/2020).

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In the broadcast, it appears that Dul and Maia’s relationship is very close.

Raffi Ahmad who became the presenter also gave Dul’s mark as ‘Mother’s Child’.

Apart from this, Raffi was quite surprised because the faces of Dul ​​and his father, Ahmad Dhani were very similar.

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“This mother’s child, but her father’s face is very tricky,” said Raffi Ahmad.

Hearing Raffi Ahmad’s praise, Dul also confirmed that his face was similar.

However, this continued son of Mulan Jameela did not like it when people thought he had the same characteristics as his father.

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It is undeniable that Dul is a living witness to the divorce of his parents.

The youngest child of the famous musician couple inevitably has to witness the struggle of his mother who was hurt by his father.

Of course, Dul understands very well how devastated Maia Estianty feels when she has to divorce Dhani.

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Al Ghazali’s younger brother also firmly stated that he did not want to be confused with his father.

Openly, he even revealed that he was a loyal type of man.

“Face, heart or not. I’m loyal,” said Dul.

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Hearing Dul’s answer, Raffi Ahmad laughed.

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