Before his death, get to know the will of the artist Mahmoud Yassin to Jamahiriya … Learn

The artist, Amr Mahmoud Yassin, revealed, in a telephone interview with the “Al-Masry Effendi” program, on the Cairo Channel and Al-Nas channel, with journalist Muhammad Ali Khair, about the truth of his father’s will before his death.

Amr Mahmoud Yassin said during the intervention: “The love of Egyptians for Mahmoud Yassin is due to the fact that he used to choose works that touch the Egyptian citizen and family and national and religious works, stressing that his father was aware of the ability of the word of an artist and that he is a role model keen to appear in the best image and behavior.

In response to a question related to the late artist’s will to him before his death, he commented: “There is no will in the understandable sense, but the will to hear it from me when I was young and always used to recommend to me matters related to sincerity in everything in study, work and worship, and if you are part of the family, you will be saved in your feelings. Sincerity is the key to his success in his whole life and for those who do not have a will in the meaning of a will on his deathbed.

The artist and screenwriter, Amr Mahmoud Yassin, expressed his pride in the funeral scene of his late artist father, saying: “The father has had a few works for about 10 years, and he is far from the scene and despite this he was in great interest by Egyptians and a great support and support due to the father’s legacy through a long history in art. Theater and radio. ”

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