Before the launch of PS5 Sony will unify its main services in a single account

The PlayStation 5 and PlayStation Music accounts are joined by Sony Mobile and Sony Electronics.

Sony seems to be already consolidating all the services that were known as Sony Rewards, type Playstation Network, PS Plus, Music, Video, and many other services of the company. All this to anticipate the launch of PS5, as has been seen in a communicated through its website.

By means of the Sony Rewards official website, the main information that can be read about the accounts it has been summarized in that the following will be carried out: “Sony Account: One for Sony Group services. You will be able to access various services Sony Group with just one account. Once you have created it, log in to this service with the account to have any of them. Once done, you won’t have to manage separate account information for each Sony Group service“.

Once this step has been carried out, they inform that the main information added will consist of Login ID (email), password, name, gender, language, date of birth, country / region, residence, phone, security question and answer.

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From this change, PlayStation Rewards it will have its own structure as an account, which was independent from other Sony Group services. However, ahead of PS5 release on November 12 in the United States, Japan, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea, everything will be unified.

The unification will unite all the services that we leave you indicated here, so that this would confirm several rumors in which it was said that Sony would renew the PlayStation store and its mobile app. In the same way, they would eliminate services related to PS Vita and PlayStation 3, in order of the arrival of the new generation of consoles with PS5 and its launch.

  • PlayStation Network
    • Playstation plus
    • PlayStation Music
    • PlayStation Video
    • PlayStation Now
  • Sony Mobile
    • ​​​​​​​Xperia Lounge
    • Store
    • Xperia Care
    • Support
    • My account
    • Developer
  • Sony Rewards
  • Sony Electronics

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If you are already a user of Playstation Network en PS4, or were you thinking of getting one PS5, you should have already seen your account unified. Otherwise, the change will take effect shortly.

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