Before the New Year, 40-degree frosts will hit the Kama region

Photo: Maria ANANOVA

What will the weather be like on New Year’s Eve? And on vacation days? Will the city streets not be swept away completely just when you need to make pre-holiday shopping?

These questions were answered live by Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda (96.6 FM) Engineer of the GIS Center of Perm State National Research University, Candidate of Geographical Sciences Andrey Shikhov.

As for the snowfalls, everything that could have happened has already happened.

“Over the weekend, the height of snow cover in Perm has grown to 28 centimeters, which, however, is still less than the norm,” the meteorologist said. – Actually, every year there is one such heavy snowfall, but more often they happen in the off-season – in November or in March or April. This time it all happened in the December frost. In such conditions, a snow roll is formed, which must be taken into account by drivers. But no significant precipitation is expected before the New Year, and let’s hope that we will be able to cope with the drifts.

But Santa Claus, it seems, will seriously test us for strength. However, he will kindly arrange a cold test on the eve of New Year’s Eve – at the end of the outgoing year, the icy Arctic air will break through to us.

“The cold snap will start on Tuesday,” warns Andrei Shikhov. – In Perm, in clear calm weather, the thermometer will drop below -20 degrees, and in the north of the region and to -28. On Wednesday night, the temperature will drop even lower, moreover, immediately by 10-15 degrees. In the capital of the Kama region, for the first time in the past 4 years, we will witness a thirty-degree frost, in the northern regions it will get colder to -38, and in some places even to -40 degrees. During the day in Perm it will only get warmer up to -23 degrees.

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Thursday promises to be the same frosty, but by the evening it will start to warm a little – warm air from the Black Sea will come to us.

– New Year’s Eve will certainly be warmer than the previous ones, – Andrey Shikhov predicts. – Most likely in Perm at night it will be from -20 to -25 degrees. No precipitation is expected yet. In this case, we will find ourselves on the border between warm and cold: there will be a thaw in the European part of the country, and frost will be behind the Urals. So only by January 3 in the Kama region it will become noticeably warmer – it will be from -8 to -13 degrees.


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