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BEI Pelototi 3 Shares, What’s Up? : Okezone Economy

JAKARTA – Indonesia stock exchange (AT) inform of an increase in the price and unusual transaction activity of shares in two stocks. The two shares are PT Temas Tbk (TMAS) and PT NFC Indonesia Tbk (NFCX).

Then, the IDX also saw an indication of an unusual transaction pattern in the shares of PT Bhakti Multi Artha Tbk (BHAT).

“UMA’s announcement does not necessarily indicate a violation of the laws and regulations

invitation in the Capital Market sector, “wrote the Head of the IDX Transaction Supervision Division, Lidia M Panjaitan in the IDX disclosure, Friday (21/5/2021).

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The latest information regarding TMAS is the information on May 19, 2021 published on the website of the Indonesia Stock Exchange regarding the explanation of the volatility of transactions.

Then, the latest information regarding NFCX is information on May 10, 2021, published on the PT Bursa Efek Indonesia website regarding reports of ownership or any changes in share ownership of a public company.

Then, the latest information about BHAT is the information on May 10, 2021 which is published through the website of the Indonesia Stock Exchange related to the monthly report on the registration of securities holders.

In connection with the occurrence of Unusual Market Activity on TMAS, NFCX, and BHAT shares, the Exchange is currently observing the development of this stock transaction pattern. Therefore investors are expected to:

a. Taking into account the Listed Company’s answer to the Exchange confirmation request;

b. Observe the Listed Company’s performance and information disclosure;

c. Review the corporate action plan of the Listed Company if the plan has not been approved by the GMS;

d. Consider the various possibilities that may arise in the future before committing

investment decision making.

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All disclosure of information related to the Issuer is published on the Exchange website (www.idx.co.id).

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