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Beijing Olympic Winter Games

  1. Beijing Winter Olympics | Chinese Taipei women’s women’s face tearing up after the game has caused netizens to rage and curse Hong Kong 01
  2. Huang Yuting’s post after the Winter Olympics “open haters” to lead the fight?|China Television News 20220218 China Television News CH52
  3. Huang Yuting scolded netizens “haters” in seconds after the race, the former diplomat sighed: the most unpopular flag-holding officer Yahoo Chemo News
  4. Do your best! Huang Yuting’s last 1000M line of 24 fathers at the Winter Olympics: stress makes sleeping and eating difficult|TVBS News TVBS NEWS
  5. Winter Olympics / Discussing China’s pat? Huang Yuting added on Weibo so that “no one will go north” udn OOPS! What’s New
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