“Beirut is the sacred source” .. Elie Saab sends a message of hope to the Lebanese capital with his new collection of costumes

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Despite the damage inflicted on the Lebanese capital by the disaster of the Beirut Port explosion, on August 4, the Lebanese fashion designer, Elie Saab, sends a message of love and hope to his country through his new collection of high-end fashion that carries The title, “Beirut, the Sacred Source.”

The Lebanese designer unveiled his haute couture collections through photos and video clips on the Instagram account of the official fashion house, “eliesaabworld”.

The fashion house wrote in a comment on one of the pictures from the new collection: “Everything in this world seems imaginary and unreal, and yet it can be fully achieved. Elie Saab paints a path forward, a way in which his beloved Beirut shines forward, and the ability to dream that gives a soul For hope, for a future full of possibilities. “

The new collection, launched by the Lebanese designer on September 10, is inspired by the elements of nature, the “magical soul” of Beirut.

The video clip captures the magic of fairy-tale nature, with scenes in the middle of a forest of trees, where the models look one after the other from behind a mirrored door and mirrors displaying a collection of bright dresses.

During the video clip, the music of Fayrouz’s famous song, “Ya Bird” can be heard.

“The magical spirit of Beirut is the main component of Elie Saab’s creativity. He designs with Beirut, with its vibrant cultural imagination and rich artistic heritage,” the fashion house wrote in its commentary on the video that displays the entire collection.

The comment continued: “In this fictional new collection that Elie Saab shares with the world, the sacred source evokes the vibrant life force that allows Beirut to triumph over and over again.”

The commentary indicated that this group “embodies the essence of his beloved Beirut.”

The designs in this collection, which is a tribute to Beirut, were characterized by sparkling elements, as the dresses were adorned with shiny lobes, sequins, feathers, calm colors and floral patterns.

Last month, the Lebanese designer revealed the damage to his workplace in the Lebanese capital as a result of the Beirut port explosion.


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