Belarusian Interior Ministry ready for “humanitarian use of weapons” in protests

If the participants of the protests in Belarus put up an active resistance, the law enforcement forces will “use weapons humanely” against anything, including sharp weapons, stated Mikałaj Karpiankou, head of the board for combating organized crime in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus.

We will be forced to use weapons to protect citizens, to defend order and the common people; children who grow up so that they won’t see the bacchanalia – said the representative of the Ministry of the Interior on state television.

He warned that law enforcement would “humanely use weapons, including sharp weapons” and “clear the streets” of the most aggressive people. We will use a sharp weapon against anyone who raises a hand with a scythe on an officer – he threatened.

Karpiankou also said that, in comparison to demonstrations in recent years, “such amoral and cynical people” as are involved in the current protests, “he has never met”. He assured that there were no those who love Belarus among the protesters. He compared the participants in current demonstrations to “organized crime groups according to the rules of the 1990s.” XX century. These people, he said, “want to be promoted from among bandits, people with sentences, and become either field commanders or deputies.”

In Belarus, protests have been going on for over two months after the presidential election on 9 August, in which, according to official results, Lukashenka won over 80 percent of the vote. votes. Participants in the protests do not recognize these results and are demanding a second election. The security services regularly use force against demonstrators, and several thousand people have been detained for participating in the protests.

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