Belgians idolize Frank Lammers in De Slimste Mens

It was a battlefield The smartest person in the world. Frank had to compete against the Belgian actress Ella Leyers, who eventually won the episode, and Hans Vanaken. The Undercoveractor and footballer went head-to-head in the final of the game. It was exciting until the last moment, but Frank was eliminated. “It’s a stupid game,” he joked after his loss. “I’m not going to sleep on this for a week. No, I’m not angry. I’m disappointed.”

Frank is not the only one who is disappointed, the Belgian viewer also ‘weeps’ after his loss. One viewer thinks he ‘played strong and was close to victory’. ‘What a joke dress’, says another. “Put him on the jury, please!” A third strongly agrees: ‘That man is hilarious’. “I would pay money to see Frank Lammers one more episode,” said another fan.

Fortunately, the Flemish viewer does not have to wait long for more Frank. The actor stars in the new season of Undercover, with new episodes appearing on Netflix every week. He is also working on a film about his character Ferry. In the video below he tells all about it.

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