Belgium closes all catering establishments for a month, sets night clock | NOW

The Belgian government will close all catering establishments for a month and set a night clock. No one is allowed to take to the streets without good reason between midnight and 5:00 am. The measures were announced by the government during a press conference on Friday evening.

The new corona measures will take effect from Monday. The measures came about after consultation between federal and Flemish ministers, the Belgian media report. It is not yet known until exactly when the night clock will apply.

According to HLN there will be a compensation for the catering entrepreneurs. The catering establishments also had to close their doors earlier this year.

Under the new measures, each family may have only one close contact. There will also be a limit of a maximum of four people receiving home. People also have to work from home as much as possible. There will also be a ban on the sale of alcohol after 8 p.m.

“Some will call these measures harsh and unjust. The virus is unjust. It affects all of us, but especially the weakest,” said Flemish Prime Minister Alexander de Croo. “The measures are very difficult, but we are doing this to prevent worse.”

‘Rise is alarming’

De Croo calls the increase in the number of infections “alarming”. “Belgium is in the highest alert phase: level four. The number of infections is increasing every day and also very quickly.”

The largest increases can be observed in the Brussels-Capital Region and in Wallonia. Every day an average of three thousand new infections are added. Nearly 200,000 cases are known in Belgium.

The Netherlands gave an earlier this week travel warning off for Belgium.


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