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Belgium has already exhausted the natural resources that can be produced in a year

The Global Footprint Network is based in the United States and analyzes statistical data from 200 countries each year to establish Earth’s ‘Overshoot Day’, the date on which the natural resources that the planet can produce in a year are exhausted. In 2021, this day had been reached on July 29 for humanity as a whole. However, if the whole of the planet lived like the Belgians, “the natural resources would already be dry”, suggests the WWF. “Belgium has one of the most advanced Overshoot Days in the year in the world”, according to the NGO.

“The carbon footprint represents 65% of Belgium’s total ecological footprint”, details the WWF. In addition, Belgium’s ability to produce resources and absorb the waste resulting from its consumption, or its biocapacity, “is particularly limited”. All of this means “we need 5.5 times the biological productivity area of ​​our country to sequester the CO2 from burning fossil fuels”.

Globally, “it would take the equivalent of 1.75 Earths to support the world’s population. It is obvious that the planet will not be able to withstand this situation of overshoot in the long term, and that humanity will not benefit from waiting before acting”, warns the NGO. Solutions exist, however, by acting on the way we eat, while “we use the equivalent of 1.7 Belgium for food”, on the conservation of forests and natural ecosystems, by protecting the oceans…, list the WWF.

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Belgium’s Earth Overshoot Day coincides this year with the Earth Hour event, organized at the call of the WWF, which consists of turning off the lights for an hour to “show one’s attachment to nature”.

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