Beloved urologist comes with hundreds of preferential votes in the Eemsdelta municipal council

The urologist at the Ommelander Hospital in Scheemda received 817 votes, which means he will be in the city council with preferential votes.

Groningen of the Year 2012

The final results of the elections in Eemsdelta were announced on Friday morning. There are no shifts of seats. Local Interest wins with a monster victory of eleven seats, followed by the PvdA, which takes five.

Veldt is one of the six candidates of his party who comes to the council with preferential votes. He worked as a urologist at the Delfzicht hospital since 1991 and got to know many people from the region. That he is popular became clear when he was chosen by the public as Groninger of the Year in 2012.

Active in local politics

A year later, he joins Gemeentebelangen Appingedam. Then he will not be on the council yet. Due to the reorganization, the party will continue in 2018 together with Loppersum Vooruit and Fractie 2014 (Delfzijl) as Lokaal Belang Eemsdelta. He comes seventeen on the list.

As far as time is concerned, council work will not get in the way of his work as a urologist, because he is retiring this week. Veldt previously announced that he would like to work on greening villages and neighborhoods in the new municipality.

Eemsdelta starts on January 1, 2021. The seats are distributed as follows:

How preferential votes work
When distributing the number of seats, it is first considered how many votes a party must receive to be entitled to a seat. 16,424 valid votes were cast in the elections in Eemsdelta. If you divide that by the number of seats (29), it turns out that you need 566 votes for a seat.

Subsequently, within a party it is examined which candidates are entitled to a seat. Candidates who already obtain 25 percent of the required votes for a seat will be entered with preferential votes. In the elections in Eemsdelta, this means 142 votes.

Veldt is well above that with 817 votes. Party leader Annalies Usmany received 1,854 votes.

Friday afternoon there will be an interpretation debate between the party leaders. Then an informateur is also appointed who will conduct talks for a coalition.

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