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Bem of Naramowice started!

Added Saturday 23 April 2022 at 12.00

Starting Saturday, passengers can use all stops along the new length of the road leading to ul. Blaise.

The more than 3 km long tramway is ready less than two years after the start of basic construction work, the track starts at the Wilczak terminal. Starting April 23, all roads will be available for passengers. Trams will run on new viaduct on ul. Lechicka, then stop in the area of ​​†‹вЂ‹ the intersection with ul. Sarmacka in the “Naramowice” bus and tram station. The next stop is “Os. Łokietka” in ul area. Łużycka, and the next – “Jasna Rola” at the intersection of ul. Zofii Hilczer-Kurnatowska et al. Women’s Rights. The last stop is at Błażeja Street and it was also named after that. With a view to extending the track to northern Poznań in the future, no village was built there, but a top end adapted for two-way tram service. – PIM authorities informed.

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As the area around the track is still a construction site, it was decided that at this stage, for technological and safety reasons, only one line can be put into operation. Ultimately, the road to Naramowice will be served by two tram lines – they add.

From Saturday 23 April, from the first morning run, tram number 10 runs between Dębiec PKM terminal and Błażeja station. Due to the fact that interest in the new road may be high today, it was decided that on Saturday between 10:00 and 18:00 there will be two additional tram lines – tourist number 20 and normal number 33. Line name. . a new route from Wilczak Błażej, while tram number 33 will come from Naramowice to the Old Zoo in Jeżyce.

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