Berlin start-up brings first Hard Seltzer in Germany

Little Calories, little Alcohol and milder taste have the carbonic acid halide »Hard Seltzern«Already has a large fan base in the USA. Manufacturers of the beverage expect sales of $ 3.5 billion by 2021. With “FOX«The trendy drink is now also coming to the German market. The producers of Zelos enjoyment out Berlin are creations in flavors cherry, lemon and Apple on Amazon and in our own webshop for two Euro pro Dose to offer.

A beverage phenomenon

The drink is comparatively right in its production uncomplicated: the ingredients consist only of carbonated water, four percent alcohol and natural Frucharomen. So Seltzer contains 25 percent fewer calories than beers or wines.

In the US, the Hard Seltzer Since its introduction in 2016, it has developed from a marginal phenomenon on the beverage market to an integral part of the alcoholic range. The top of the Hard Seltzer currently has the brand White Claw inside. The more interesting drinks are fermented or brewed products.

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