Bernese canton doctor calls for mask compulsory throughout Switzerland, also outdoors – Switzerland

(wap) Switzerland-wide mask requirement, also outdoors: This is what the Bernese canton doctor Linda Nartey demanded in an interview broadcast on Friday with Radio SRF 1. “The number of cases is rising so fast and so high, it really is a matter of protecting each other everywhere,” she said. The demand for a nationwide mask requirement is also supported by the federal scientific Corona Task Force. “I advocate a nationwide mask requirement in all indoor areas,” says ETH professor and task force member Tanja Stadler to Radio SRF 1. Since the virus is very often transmitted at work, it is necessary to switch to home office wherever possible.

In contrast to Nartey, Stadler only requires a mask to be used indoors. Either way, it is important to act quickly now, she warns: “We are growing exponentially, the number of cases doubling approximately every ten days.” The growth in hospitalizations is also exponential. So time is pressing.

Federal Councilor Alain Berset meets today Friday with the board of directors of the Federal Conference of Cantonal Health Directors.


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