Bernie Sanders draws thousands to make a rally in New York because of a heart attack


NEW YORK (Reuters) – US President Bernie Sanders returned to the campaign campaign in New York City on Saturday, three weeks after a heart attack, and promised to resume He reiterated his battle against the business and political establishment, including members of his own Democratic Party.

“I am more than happy to accept the President of the United States. I am more than happy to accept greed and corruption of corporate elite and their apologists, ”Sanders said a collection of thousands of people who had aloft placards at Queensbridge Park.

“To put it to the top, I'm back.”

Sandra Ocasio-Cortez, a party representative, Sanders commander, one of the 19 Democrats fighting with Republican President Donald Trump took in November 2020 in November 2020, and the Trump attack target often.

The colleague announced her support for the Sanders campaign and her campaign to tackle the health scare and boom in support of the US Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts.

Sanders, 78, the oldest candidate in the crowded democratic area, has quickly returned from a heart attack on 1 October which threatened to scare his campaign.

But Sanders, Senator U. from Vermont, was running third behind Warren and former Vice President Joe Biden in most of the national opinion polls, while Sanders gathered more money for his campaign in the last quarter than any Other democracy.

The rally was the biggest campaign by Sanders 2020 2020 so far, and 25,872 people attended it, said its campaign, citing counting from an external company that managed the event, Reuters was not able to independently verify.

The number of the rally would exceed one that was run by Warren in the city last month, Warren main of the campaign.

“His supporters are much more passionate” than other Democratic candidates said, Christina Martin, 29, from Manhattan, came to the rally with her mother, who supported Sanders and a breast cancer survivor.

They both said that the Sanders' project on health care was run by the government, and he put the Democratic Party at the forefront of the issue.

“He switched the party so much for the last four years,” Martin said. “We wouldn't do where we are without it. We wouldn't talk about Medicare for All. ”

Presidential candidate for Democratic 2020 and United States. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) comes to a rally "Bernie's Back" in Queensbridge Park in Queens City New York, October 19, 2019. REUTERS / Yana Paskova


Ocasio-Cortez support is expected to support Sanders in his efforts to fight Warren. Filmmaker Michael Moore also spoke with support for the Sanders campaign.

Ocasio-Cortez, whose headlines AOC are better informed, were welcomed to “Green New Deal” talks, referring to their recommendation for a move to renewable energy sources adopted by Sanders as part of its policy platform.

Indigenous New York went to work as a badly paid waiter as late as last year to sit in Congress, she said, adding Sanders' beliefs for her own political awakening and arising from US politics.

“It wasn't until I heard a man named Bernie Sanders that I started to question and assert and recognize my basic value as someone who deserves health care, housing, education and living wages,” she told rally.

Ocasio-Cortez worked as an organizer for 'Sanders' campaign' 2016 before she won her own election for the House of Representatives last year representing an area close to the rally site.


After graduating to AC / DC's “Back in Black” song, he was launched in a wide-ranging review of an unbalanced US society.

He noted that the park he was speaking near sat in the country's largest public housing project, Queensbridge Houses, which said it was urgently needed, and just across the Eastern River shiny Manystan skyscrapers were laid down, where is headquartered by banks and multinational corporations.

Sanders said that he would invest in public housing and education and abolish medical debt, but warned that a minority in politics, business and the media were working against his plans to address inequality.

“They want us to believe that the status quo is the only reality we can live, that impossible change is impossible,” Sanders said, as well as the depression of moderate Democrats who questioned the affordability of his recommendations during debate. Tuesday night in Ohio.

He raised taxes on the wealthy people to pay for his plans, Sanders said, including three wealth taxes on those with a net value of more than $ 32 million.

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David Cobb, 61, said he was drawn to Sanders' as did many at the rally, through his plans for healthcare reform.

Cobb's shell had one hand in a sling from shoulder surgery recently and he had printed a “Bernie” tab under the other hand. He was accumulating thousands of dollars for medical debt, he said, despite some coverage being through the Medicare plan for older Americans and a health maintenance organization.

“It's polluted,” said Cobb. “This is the only industrialized country in the world like this.” T

Reporting by Simon Lewis; Edited by John Whitesides and Alistair Bell

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