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Bernie Sanders in an interview with Telemundo: “Maduro is a dictator”

Just one day after the Nevada caucus – where he arrives strengthened in the polls – the senator for Vermont and Democratic presidential candidate for the presidency Bernie Sanders chatted with Telemundo News.

During a brief six-minute talk in Santa Ana, California, with our correspondent Guadalupe Venegas, Sanders referred to the totalitarian governments of Latin America, his definition of democratic socialism, Mexico and the process of primary elections of the Democratic Party, where he figures Among the favorites to win the nomination and face President Donald Trump in November.

“I think (my campaign) has an agenda that connects with working families that, in many ways, are against the wall right now. They are trying to survive with totally inadequate salaries. They cannot pay the rent or cannot send their children to the university. They cannot pay for medical attention, ”He said, explaining why he is confident he can win the nomination.

The theme of his ‘Medicare for all’ health plan is precisely the most criticized proposal of his campaign and one of the reasons that has earned him accusations of “communist”. The senator received few attacks during the ninth Democratic debate held in Las Vegas on Wednesday, but one of them, from millionaire Mike Bloomberg, was led in this regard.

Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders this Friday, February 21 in Santa Ana, California.AFP via Getty Images

“I think most Americans understand that democratic socialism is not communism. What we are talking about is policies that exist in Canada, in Germany and Sweden, Denmark, France, Finland. In countries around the world, ”he defended himself.

“Guaranteeing health care to all people is a human right, not a communist idea.”

“Venezuela needs international supervision for a free democratic election”

According a poll Telemundo News prior to the caucus of Nevada, are Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden the favorites of Latinos in that state, where a third of the population is of Hispanic origin. Although 31% of respondents said they prefer the senator, there are still doubts about how many Hispanics – the largest minority with the right to vote in these elections – associate it with the regimes they come from.

—When you ask Hispanic viewers and Hispanic voters about socialism, this word makes them think of Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela, where things are not right. So, are we talking about two different types of socialism? Guadalupe Venegas asked Sanders.

-Yes, and a lot.

“What do you say to those voters?”

—Look, in those countries you are talking about: Venezuela, Cuba, and now Nicaragua, unfortunately, you are talking about authoritarian societies. You are talking about the former Soviet Union. You are talking about an authoritarian and communist society. Of course I don’t support them. All my life I have been fighting authoritarianism, be it communism, fascism or the like. I believe in democracy. I am not, like Donald Trump, a supporter of (Vladimir) Putin, nor do I exchange love letters with the dictator of North Korea.

On the Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro said: “Of course Maduro is a dictator. And it is trying to suppress democratic movements. What we need in Venezuela is international supervision, preferably from Latin America, for a free and open democratic election in which the leadership of that country is chosen. ”

About Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said: “We have been in contact with your office. I have never talked with him”.

When asked about who would elect for vice president if he arrives at the Oval Office and if that person could be Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, he replied: “No, he is not old enough. But she is an extraordinary young woman. ”

“She has involved young people in the political process, Latinos, workers. To be a new member of Congress, he has done an extraordinary job. ”

Sanders arrives at the Nevada Democratic caucus with great advantage over his opponents. In Iowa, he was one of the winners by taking 12 delegates, with 26.2% of the supports. In the pirmarias of New Hampshire the winner was, with 9 delegates and 25.7% of the support.

Here you can watch the full interview:

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