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Bernie Sanders throws in the towel, Joe Biden will face Donald Trump

American Presidential: Bernie Sanders Throws in the Towel – 20 minutes

The independent senator Bernie Sanders announced on Wednesday that it is abandoning the White House race. He thus offers the victory of the Democratic primary to Joe Biden who will face
Donald trump when
presidential american November. Bernie Sanders, 78, promised they would work together.

“Today I congratulate Joe Biden, a very respectable man, with whom I will work to advance our progressive ideas,” said the independent senator in a speech broadcast online from his home in Burlington, Vermont.

An official designation by the party

While recognizing that “Joe Biden will be the candidate chosen” by the Democrats to face Donald Trump in the presidential election on November 3, Bernie Sanders announced that he would remain in the running for the remaining primaries, in order to accumulate more delegates who will allow him “to exert a significant influence on the party’s program” during the Democratic convention in August.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, 77, is now guaranteed to face Republican President Donald Trump on November 3. But he has yet to be officially nominated as a party candidate at a convention, which was postponed until August due to the coronavirus pandemic.

” We need you “

The former US vice president reached out to supporters of Bernie Sanders on Wednesday: “I know I have to win your votes. And I know it may take time. But I want you to know that I see you, that I hear you, that I understand the sense of urgency that drives you, “tweeted the man who will face Donald Trump on November 3. “I hope you will join us. We need you ! “, he added.

Campaigning clearly to the left, Bernie Sanders thus ends his second attempt to win the Democratic nomination after a series of heavy defeats against the former right-hand man of Barack Obama, more moderate. The independent senator from Vermont lost the Democratic primary to Hillary Clinton in 2016.



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