Besides Long Covid-19, Researchers Also Find Long Flu Cases – Long Covid-19 has become a matter of concern, as it affects 1 in 4 Covid-19 coronavirus patients. Although, there is still not much clarity regarding Long Covid-19.

Research has found that symptoms after infection with the Covid-19 corona virus can also affect those who have the flu and suffer from prolonged flu.

The case of the Covid-19 corona virus itself has brought many health implications and made us face the dangers of a prolonged Covid-19 corona virus infection or Long Covid-19.

Now reported from Times of India, prolonged flu is also a concern. Because, this type of influenza can leave health problems or similar effects on the body, which is known as the long flu.

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Long flu cases came to light after a study led by the University of Oxford in the medical journal, PLOS Medicine, analyzed health problems and vital statistics of more than 100,000 people from 2 groups based in the United States.

Ilustrasi flu, Long Covid-19 (Pixabay/mohamed_hassan)

The hundreds of thousands of people include patients who have contracted the Covid-19 corona virus before. Researchers found 42 percent of people who had a case of the flu suffered from prolonged symptoms.

This implies that the Covid-19 coronavirus and the influenza virus have the ability to cause long-term side effects.

Although, flu is a milder respiratory disease compared to the Covid-19 corona virus. However, everyone who has the flu takes a different amount of time to recover.

Some people may recover from the flu as soon as a week. Others may experience a longer period of flu symptoms to recover.

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That makes them vulnerable to post-viral malaise. According to experts, the long flu is similar to the Long Covid-19 which can affect all people with recovery problems longer than usual.

Long Covid-19 and long flu are health problems that not only require attention, but are quite disturbing to vital health.

Although we already know the consequences of infection with the coronavirus and Long Covid-19, the debilitating and prolonged symptoms of the flu can also have a similar effect.

Anecdotal evidence has revealed that Long Covid-19 and the long flu cause very similar symptoms, including anxiety, shortness of breath, brain fog, persistent cough and fever.


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