Best jokes: Prymula keeps entertaining thanks to regulations

Roman Prymula was elected the new Minister of Health and quickly showed the nation that he intended to rule with a hard hand. The new rules are literally a harvest for political satire, we have selected the best jokes about politics for you from the Czech internet, you are guaranteed to have fun!

Adam VojtÄ›ch’s recent resignation was a big surprise for the public. However, people experienced a much bigger shock when Roman Prymula was elected the new Minister of Health.

He had long proclaimed his radical views on the pandemic and advised people to follow strict rules to spread covid. But once he came to power, he put his words into practice.

Currently, therefore, the situation from this spring is being repeated, when not only tradesmen, owners of bars and pubs, but also artists and many others found themselves without work from day to day. Although Prymula promised not to lock it down, it eventually happened. Schools, restaurants, sports grounds, theaters and practically everything except food and hobby markets are closed.

Fortunately, the Czechs are able to laugh even in such tense situations, which is why dozens of jokes are made at the often absurd actions of the government. We have chosen the newest and funniest of them, so come with us to laugh at least for a moment from the heart and forget about the terrible events around us!


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