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Best Selling Cheap 5 MPV Comparison

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.comLow multi purpose machine (LMPV) or low price MPV, is still a large segment in Indonesia. Especially with new players and old models that have now been transformed.

Each brand competes to offer the advantages of the product being marketed. Starting from the side of design, comfort, features, technology, performance, in cost of ownership aka price of two in common.

To give an idea, the editors made a comparison of the 2022 Kompas Automotive Challenge (KOC) which this time challenges five cheap MPVs in Indonesia.

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The five consist of the all-new Toyota Veloz, the all-new Daihatsu Xenia, the Mitsubishi Xpander CVT, the Hyundai Stargazer, and the segment-first electrified Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid. low MPV.

To be balanced, all the cheap MPVs that the editor borrows from the brand holder agents (APM) are the higher variants, which of course have more complete feature offerings.

KOMPAS.com/Adityo Wisnu Comparison of 5 cheap MPVs KOC 2022

In this KOC, there are several test points that the editor focuses on Compass.com for these five cheap MPVs.

From acceleration tests, braking tests, cabin silence, fuel consumption in the city, and the general price comparison in common in five years or 100,000 kilometers (km).

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The result, of course, each brand has advantages and disadvantages. It is just a question of how potential consumers judge which one is more value for money.

Comparison of 5 cheap MPVs KOC 2022KOMPAS.com/Adityo Wisnu Comparison of 5 cheap MPVs KOC 2022

Well, for more details, Compass.com The tests will be discussed one by one in a written series, complete with video shows.

Curious which cheap MPV is the best in terms of acceleration, braking, cabin tightness, fuel efficiency, cost of ownershipsee the continuation of the review.

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