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Better prevention. – Alagoas Gazette

A study carried out by the Covid-19 BR Observatory shows that vaccination against Covid-19 in Brazil has saved the lives of up to 63,000 elderly people from January to August 2021. In addition, up to 178,000 hospitalizations in people over 60 years were interfered with. and vaccines.

The analysis also estimates that another 47,000 lives could be saved and 104,000 hospitalizations avoided if vaccination was carried out in a faster scenario. The study is based on a statistical analysis with the intention of measuring the role of mass vaccination and the effectiveness of this health strategy. The survey also estimated the savings from the reduction in hospitalization, considering that each person hospitalized had, during the pandemic, an average cost of 12 thousand dollars in Brazil. In the estimated scenario where the vaccination was carried out at a faster pace, the period of four weeks and another period of eight weeks after the initial date of vaccination, January 18, were considered as reference. In Brazil, approximately 250,000 daily doses of vaccine were administered between February and March. Between April and May, 500,000 doses per day. And the guaranteed pace of 1 million doses/day was reached in June 2021. Data from the Ministry of Health indicate that 35 million cases of Covid-19 have been registered in the country since the beginning of the pandemic. During this period, 688,907 deaths were confirmed. At this time, the country is on the way to another wave of the disease. More Brazilians are testing positive for Covid-19 in recent weeks. A new wave of the disease, which came together with two new subvariants of omicron, has already affected Europe, China, the United States and is now starting to grow in Brazil. Experts are already recommending a return to preventive measures, such as the use of masks indoors, but the best way to prevent is still to get vaccinated. It is necessary to promote vaccination through educational campaigns and facilitate access to vaccines, especially the most advanced ones. We need to prevent the catastrophic scenario from happening again.

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