Between the "right to choose one's treatment" and the "return to reason"

From homeopathy – LODI FRANCK / SIPA

  • The High Health Authority has issued an unfavorable opinion in favor of maintaining the reimbursement of homeopathy.
  • The debate which agitates the doctors, between partisans of this alternative method and denunciators of a fake med. Meeting with two of them, in well-defined positions.

Should we derogate homeopathy? The eternal debate is relaunched this Friday after the High Health Authority issued an unfavorable opinion in favor of maintaining the reimbursement. The HAS must return its final verdict in June and until then,
homeopathic medicines "common name", the famous tubes of granules, will remain supported by 30% social security provided they are issued on prescription.

While awaiting the final opinion on which the Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn indicated that it would align, the info which "leaked" reacts on the side of the doctors, among whom Daniel Scimeca. The president of the syndicate of homeopathic medicine (SMH) is fiercely opposed to a possible derogation. Citing in particular an Ifop survey of the Parisian November 2018, the practitioner recalls that "74% of the French are in favor of maintaining the reimbursement". And to add: "If it is taken, it would be an undemocratic decision. We want to infantilize patients by thinking they are unable to choose what is best for them and against their advice. "

Right of everyone versus sweet haribo

Daniel Scimeca also indicates that the petition launched against the decision of the HAS and baptized "My Homoeo My Choice" is close to 450,000 signatures. "It's just the right for everyone to take the treatment they want," says the doctor who still recalls that "70% of French people use homeopathy for their first aid" and that a large number of doctors who prescribe it.

Arguments that do not convince the cardiologist Jérémy Descoux. According to the president of the collective Fake Med, an association denouncing homeopathy as "a non-science and a non-effective treatment", "derogate homeopathy, it would be logical because there is no evidence of its effectiveness" . "If under the pretext that some people feel better after a pellet, we repay it, so we can do everything to repay, candies haribo, guitar lessons," insists the specialist.

"We are finally going towards a return to reason and the scientific fact"

Still, the cardiologist does not see in the derogation of homeopathy the opportunity to slash champagne: "It will be only one step of a longer process. Homeopathy is still considered by the College of Physicians, for example. For years, we have set up an altar to homeopathy, today we are finally going back to the reason and the scientific fact. "

And the price of this refund? To answer this question, both sides also sharpened their arguments. "This is a non-debate, says Daniel Scimeca, the reimbursement of homeopathic care is only a tiny part of the security. "Verification with the figures of the Health Insurance: in 2016, of the 18.8 billion euros reimbursed by social security, 55.7 million euros were for boxes of granules and 72 million homeopathic master preparations.

For Daniel Scimeca, a derogation would even lead to … an increase in the costs of the security. Argument? "The reimbursement of homeopathy is only 30% and these drugs are cheaper than others. If we stop reimbursing homeopathy and patients turn to other medications, it will ultimately come back more expensive public expense. "Again, Jeremy Descoux is not really convinced:" It may be a small amount but, as we know, the social security budget is not scalable. With all these millions of euros, we could do more support on obesity, invest in more nurses, solve real problems. "

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