Between Trump and the Democrats, it's war


Donald Trump and the Democrats entered Wednesday night into a real open war. The US president cut short his meeting with leaders of both congress assemblies, Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, threatening them to stop working with them if they continued their investigations against him.

Shortly before the interview, which was supposed to be about an extensive infrastructure program, Nancy Pelosi had publicly accused her of being "engaged in a covert operation." At issue, the Trump administration's new refusal this week to cooperate with the Democratic parliamentary inquiries, to determine whether the US president illegally obstructed the "special prosecutor's Russian investigation" Robert Mueller.

Facts that could "justify impeachment proceedings," threatened Nancy Pelosi. A statement very noticeable since the powerful speaker of the House of Representatives has been on the contrary for months to discourage elected officials of his party in favor of such an option, too risky and unpopular according to her.

The argument of the "witch hunt"

Donald Trump chose his argument to discredit the Democrats: by wasting their energy to "harass" with their parliamentary inquiries, the Democrats neglect their work, and therefore the voters. He hammered it on Twitter: Democrats have a choice. Either continue the "witch hunt" or get back to work.

An argument that the Democrats fear on the eve of the elections of November 2020. How indeed to make audible their message on the issues that really concern the Americans if the debate on an impeachment procedure blurs all the waves? Especially with a Senate controlled by the Republicans, such an attempt would go straight into the wall.

Even among the most reluctant, like the presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, the idea seems to make its way. "If Donald Trump continues to violate the US Constitution and Congress' right to investigate," he said, "it may be time for an impeachment investigation to begin."

Counting on the strong support of his management team, Nancy Pelosi had tried until then to wait for the voices, still a minority, in favor of an impeachment, ensuring that their battery of parliamentary investigations would reveal to Americans the supposed mistakes of the billionaire.

His position came out stronger Wednesday, when a judge ruled in favor of the Democrats against the Trump administration, who refused to deliver financial documents. Their second legal victory in three days against the White House.


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