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Beware of “duckdns.org”! Malware spreads to cell phones via messenger

A fake SMS containing malware is currently spreading on smartphones. Several intelligence services could be affected.

Munich – A new scam is spreading in Bavaria with fake SMS via parcel notifications.

The malicious message comes via SMS and possibly also via other services. (Symbol picture) © DPA

These contain a confirmation link that can be used to download malware onto the smartphone.

The hotline for IT emergencies of the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office (LKA) has received so many calls from injured or worried people in the past few days that there were longer waiting times, as a spokeswoman said on Thursday.

“We currently have the problem that a lot of people outside of Bavaria are calling.” Therefore, the LKA now informed about Twitter and Facebook that the hotline is only responsible for those affected from Bavaria.

An increasing number of people who had received the SMS also reported to the police headquarters of Upper Bavaria South. The SMS contained the message: “Your package has been sent. Please check and accept it,” said the police headquarters. Then follow a link with the ending “duckdns.org”.

By clicking on the link, malware will be downloaded and installed undetected.

After that, the Handy the person concerned sent hundreds of SMS to various phone numbers with the link to the malware. In addition, remote control of the smartphone may be possible. Twitter users also reported that this message had also arrived via other news services.

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