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«Beware of tremors and urticaria»

Tremors and urticaria. They are gods new symptoms that could alert you to the presence of coronavirus, saccording to the British Journal of Dermatology. It seems that the covid is changing, according to experts it would be less aggressive but symptoms are also being noticed that initially did not come to the surface.

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According to what the Atlanta Centers released, the Americans Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who deal with global health, to the known symptoms of covid, such as fever, cough and breathing difficulties, chills, persistent tremor along with the chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat and loss of taste and smell. Then another spy arrives from dermatologists, which is that of skin rashes and chilblains: the hypothesis is that the virus causes damage to the blood vessels and that this affects the blood circulation.

Experts continue to reiterate that coronavirus is a chameleon-like virus, that is, capable of affecting different organs and for this reason it manifests itself in various forms and affects not only the lungs. The lung is the most affected, but also the kidney, the heart, the joints and even the skin, even if these manifestations are not among the most frequent. In the same way that any other flu virus can affect these organs.

The World Health Organization, for its part, it does not entirely agree with the reporting of new symptoms and continues to argue that the signs to refer to are always dry cough, high fever and breathing difficulties.

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