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Biathlon: end for Martin Fourcade who finishes 2nd in the World Cup

It’s not just a goodbye, no. On Saturday, after a victory in the pursuit of Kontiolahti, Martin Fourcade said goodbye to the world of biathlon, as he had said the day before. Despite this victory, the five-time 31-year-old Olympic champion has failed to turn the tide and turn the general classification upside down. He therefore finished second in the World Cup, behind the Norwegian Johannes Boe, winner for the second consecutive year of the big crystal globe.

Martin Fourcade announced Friday that he would end his career at the end of this race. He thus leaves the scene on an 83e success in the World Cup ahead of two other Frenchmen, Quentin Fillon-Maillet and Émilien Jacquelin. Johannes Boe made his second coronation at 26 by taking the 4e place of the last winter test. In search of an 8e Big crystal globe, Fourcade was forced to complete the perfect race to make up 19 points behind Boe. He passed close to the feat, ultimately failing two short lengths of the Norwegian in the final World Cup standings.

Races canceled due to coronavirus

Party in 2e position, 21 seconds after Boe, victorious in the sprint Thursday, the French collaborated well with Jacquelin and took advantage of the many mistakes of his rival in shooting (4 in total) to quickly take control. Despite the rifle waste (3 faults) due to a strong wind on the launch pad throughout the event, Martin Fourcade managed to stay ahead to end his life as a biathlete in style. The season was originally scheduled to end in Oslo from March 20-22, but the three races scheduled in Norway have been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Martin Fourcade did not win his 8e big crystal globe, but he leaves with his head held high, boasting an exceptional prize list. The most successful French sportsman at the Olympic Games (5 gold medals), he has the record for the number of World Cups won (7 in a row from 2012 to 2018), small globes (26) and world titles (11 on an individual level, tied with the Norwegian Ole-Einar Bjoerndalen). After a nightmarish 2018-2019 season, he managed to come back to the fore in an attempt to challenge the dominance of Johannes Boe. Even if the 26-year-old Norwegian has been an exemplary regularity this season (10 victories), Fourcade will have resisted until the end, ending the winter with a total of seven successes, with the bonus of two new medals. ‘gold (individual, relay).

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Martin Fourcade has become over the years a major figure in French sport thanks to his exploits, but also to his strong positions, especially on the subject of doping. He was the standard bearer of the tricolor delegation to the Pyeongchang Olympics in 2018 before setting foot in the proceedings. He chairs the Paris 2024 Athletes ‘Commission and applied for the IOC Athletes’ Commission in 2022.

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