Biathlon in New Town The World Cup program begins with the women’s relay

Czech biathlon / Petr Slavík

In China, they are currently unable to host an Olympic general, so the top biathlon races will take place in the Czech Republic for two consecutive weeks. For the first time since the World Championships in Pokljuka, which brought the Czech team a number of embarrassing results, but also David’s gold from the endurance race.

After a short rest, the fresh champion moved to her second home, as Nové Město na Moravě indicates.

“We competed a lot here at the Czech Cups, we stayed here all winter. There are great conditions for training even in the summer, I’m happy to come back here, “said the biathlete nicknamed Makula in an interview for Czech Television.

And the conditions in the Vysočina Arena are excellent even now, despite the warming, there is a good layer of snow on the track. “Up above the tubes, almost five meters. It was frost and the cannons went well, “said Martin Holec, the head of the tracks, on the website. “It’s a pity that the snow melted around, otherwise it would be good skiing off-piste,” added the coach of the men’s national team, Ondřej Rybář.

The coaches were not worried about Thursday’s nomination. All Czech women in Nové Město will ride, ie Jessica Jislová, Eva Puskarčíková, Markéta Davidová and Lucie Charvátová, in the same order in which they were last tenth at the World Championships.

Even in Nové Město, of course, there will be a race without spectators. “It’s better that there won’t be such pressure on us, but we would definitely rather have them here,” David assured her.

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Program in Nové Město na Moravě
Part 8 of the World Cup
Thursday, March 4:
16.05 Women’s Relay
Friday, March 5:
15.20 Men’s Relay
Saturday, March 6:
11.00 women’s sprint
15.40 men’s sprint
Sunday, March 7:
12.00 women’s fighter
16.00 men’s fighter
Part 9 of the World Cup
Thursday, March 11:
17.30 women’s sprint
Friday, March 12:
17.30 men’s sprint
Saturday March 13:
14.45 men’s fighter
17.30 women’s fighter
Sunday, March 14:
10.25 mixed relay
13.45 mixed relay doubles
Live broadcasts are broadcast by ČT sport.


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