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Biden depends on Sanders – Five lessons from the primaries in the United States

by drbyos

Now Biden has a big head start in the delegate votes in the further ballot boxes of the Democrats. The 77-year-old clearly won the primaries in Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi and Idaho. The votes are still being counted in Washington and North Dakota.

After his comeback in South Carolina and the ten victories on the so-called “Super Tuesday”, Biden is the third successful ballot in a row. His most important victory was in industrial Michigan in the Midwest, a state that will be one of the “battleground states” particularly fought between Democrats and Republicans in the November elections – the “battlefields”.

The maximum left Sanders still has a theoretical chance to make up the gap in the upcoming primaries, but the momentum clearly lies in the moderate bidding, which was addressed to the Sanders camp in his speech on election night. Share a common goal: “Together we will defeat Donald Trump.”

The primaries were overshadowed by the Corona crisis. Biden and Sanders canceled major events in Cleveland, Ohio after authorities warned of risks. Sanders did not make a public appearance on election night and stayed in his home state of Vermont. Biden made his victory speech in Philadelphia.

Here are the five key lessons from election night:

1. Joe Biden almost did it

“It is more than a comeback,” said the 77-year-old. “It is a comeback for the soul of this nation. This campaign is picking up speed and I think we will do well from now on. ”The decisive factor for his winning streak was once again the support of the Afro-American voters in the southern states of Mississippi and Missouri, and secondly his clear success in the“ blue -collar “Michigan State. It was about the voices of the industrial workers.

Biden is now the favorite in the next primaries in Arizona, Florida, Illinois and Ohio on March 17th. Should he prevail there as well, the race should be over for good. In Biden, Trump would get a challenger from the political center, who could also lose votes among core voters.

2. Showdown in the Midwest

Above all, his clear victory in Michigan points the way for Biden. Not only did most of the delegates win here, Michigan with the Autostadt Detroit has been one of the so-called “swing states” since the last election. Donald Trump had conquered the state for the Republicans for the first time since 2004, four years ago.

Biden has succeeded in winning over even those voters from the working classes in the Midwest who voted for Trump in 2016. For Sanders, on the other hand, the defeat in Michigan is particularly bitter. Here, the Vermont senator had not only won against Hillary Clinton in 2016, Sanders had focused his campaign on Michigan in the past few days.

3. The Biden coalition is growing

The former US Vice President has shown with his success on Tuesday that he can win geographically, socially and ethnically broad groups of voters. Biden has now won states in the Northeast, South, and Midwest of the United States. He is the clear winner among the African-Americans, clearly leads the older voters and better educated women in the suburbs, but was also successful on Tuesday in rural areas and among white men.

Sanders was only ahead of the young voters under 30. Biden is likely to play his popularity with the older generation in Florida, and thanks to the great support of African-Americans, victory in Georgia will be hard to take shortly afterwards.

4. Bernie Sanders faces a question of conscience

Four years ago, the Vermont senator in Michigan landed a surprise victory, dragging out the race for the Democratic candidacy. This time Sanders is faced with the question of conscience sooner than expected, whether he will end his campaign and, like most other candidates, stand behind Biden.

The 78-year-old senator is considered a fighter and his loyal followers often appear uncompromising. Sanders and his mostly young fans will soon have to decide whether the purity of their teaching is more important to them than a broad coalition against Trump.

5. Democrats are looking to fight Trump

After Tuesday’s successes, Biden will focus even more on the political confrontation with US President Trump. In doing so, he meets the wishes of many Democrats who primarily want to vote Trump out. Conversely, Trump will direct his Twitter fire on Biden. The US President already announced at the weekend a previously manipulated video about Biden with more than 73 million followers on Twitter.


So it goes on now: An overview of all Democratic area codes.


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