Biden hopes to meet with Putin in June, when he is scheduled to visit Europe

US President Joe Biden announced on Tuesday that he hopes to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin during his visit to Europe in June.

“It simply came to our notice then. We are working on it, “the US president told reporters at the White House. In April, Biden suggested that his first meeting with Putin since taking office as president in January could take place in a third country.

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In June, Biden is expected to attend the G7 summit in Great Britain, and then go to NATO, as well as the European Union and US summits in Brussels.

Austria and Finland have expressed interest in hosting a meeting of US and Russian presidents.

US-Russia relations are currently strained. In April, the United States expelled ten Russian diplomats in connection with Russia’s cyber-attacks on US computer systems and interference in last year’s presidential election, as well as imposing sanctions.


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