Biden remains the winner even after the recount in Georgia, Trump puts pressure on state parliaments

Meanwhile, Trump is trying to get home in other ways: he has filed a number of lawsuits – which are denied in many places – while at the same time trying to influence various state parliaments.

“In some American states they have to approve the election results,” explains Christophe Crombez. “That is the case in Michigan, for example. Trump’s campaign team is trying to influence Republicans to not approve the results and get state parliaments to appoint other electors. ”

“In theory that is possible,” Crombez continues, “but it is very unlikely that they will join such a game. In addition, it must be done in several states for the result to be reversed. So the chance is very small. ”

Listen here to the conversation with professor Christophe Crombez in “The morning” on Radio 1 and read on below:

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