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Closing ranks with the president Donald Trump and its unfounded arguments Of fraud in the presidential elections, influential conservative media personalities lashed out at a well-known Fox News anchor for asking for evidence of the president’s accusations and his campaign.

Prominent radio and television presenters, as well as Trump supporters, overwhelmed with criticism Tucker Carlson, host of a program in Fox News and a close friend of the president, for requesting evidence of fraud from Sidney Powell, one of the attorneys on the president’s legal team.

“Tucker Carlson Tonight” is one of the highest-rated conservative programs in the country, along with Loud Dobbs’ program, also from Fox News, and Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin radio shows.

Powell has been defending the accusations of fraud Trump with the conspiracy theory that Venezuela, Cuba and other “communists” used a secret algorithm to hack into voting machines and steal millions of votes from the president, reported The New York Times.

Carlson said on his show Thursday that he invited Powell to show the evidence he has of the fraud allegations he defends, but she “got mad and told us to stop looking for her.”

The response from his own people was swift, with criticism of Carlson.

“How quickly we lashed out at our own,” said Bo Snerdley, Limbaugh’s producer on Twitter. “Where is the ‘proof’ that the election was fair?”

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