Biden wins Democratic primary in Missouri and Mississippi

Washington Former US Vice President Joe Biden has predicted victory in the key area of ​​Michigan, the presidential race of the US Democrats. The television channels Fox News, CNN and NBC reported unanimously. The poll in Michigan – an industrialized country in the US Midwest – was considered an important indicator of the strength of the candidates at the race. It is about the votes of 125 delegates for the Democrats’ nomination convention in July – most of the delegate votes that were given on Tuesday in primary elections in a total of six states.

His win in Michigan gives Biden a special boost – and means a bitter setback for his rival Bernie Sanders. In the past few days, Sanders had focused his campaign on the vote-weighty state of Michigan, where he won in the 2016 primaries. Michigan was “very, very important” for the race, Sanders had admitted at the weekend, but at the same time emphasized that he would never give up in the event of a defeat in Michigan.

Biden was also forecast to win in the states of Mississippi and Missouri on Tuesday. 68 delegates are assigned in Missouri. The state is considered one of the more conservative states in which elections were held on Tuesday. All of the state’s elected representatives, with the exception of one person, are Republicans.

36 delegates are awarded in Mississippi. Biden held an election campaign event there on Sunday, courting the support of African Americans, who make up 38 percent of the population, and make up a significantly larger proportion of democratic voters. Biden’s rival Sanders canceled the plan to appear in Mississippi’s capital, Jackson on Friday, and instead drove to Michigan, where primary was held on Tuesday.

“Mini Super Tuesday”

Preliminary elections were scheduled for a total of six states on Tuesday. In addition to Mississippi also in Michigan, Idaho, Missouri, North Dakota and Washington. Overall, this is about nine percent of all regular party delegates. In view of the comparatively large number of votes to be distributed, the pre-election day was also called “Mini Super Tuesday”.

While Republican President Donald Trump is as good as a new candidate, the Democrats are concerned with whether Biden or Sanders will challenge Trump. Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is also applying to the Democrats for the presidential candidacy. However, it is far behind Sanders and Biden.

Biden and Sanders have a duel in the race. After an extremely weak start to the pre-election series, last week Biden had a surprising winning streak at the most important pre-election day, the “Super Tuesday”, with votes in 14 states, won in 10 states and Sanders again came out as the favorite in national surveys.

After the “Super Tuesday”, according to preliminary calculations by the television station CNN, Biden was already ahead of Sanders in terms of the number of delegates – with 635 to 558 delegates. He can now extend his lead by winning in Mississippi, Missouri and especially in Michigan.

In a series of primaries that run until June, the votes of delegates are distributed. They travel to the Democrats’ nomination party convention in July to finally choose the presidential candidate. An applicant must have 3979 regular delegates on his side in 1991 to secure the nomination.

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