“Big Brother Vip”, Enock Barwuah: “I will be myself until the end. And do not disrespect me that I get angry!”


Dayane Mello vs Antonella Elia: “Is it a problem if I go around naked?”

What do you expect from this experience?

First of all I hope to come out well and I made a promise, as I wrote in my last post on Instagram with a quote from Einstein: “The one who follows the crowd will never go farther than the crowd. The one who goes alone will be more likely to he will find in places where no one has ever arrived “… so one thing is certain: I will be myself from the first minute and until the public decides that my experience should end.

Aren’t you scared to stay closed for so many days in a house?

A little bit yes, I’m not used to being at home a lot, I generally spend my days around. But in any case I am a person who adapts easily, in fact I organized myself in quarantine and in the end it didn’t weigh me much!

What worries you most about being under the eye of the cameras 24/7?

Well of course: the total loss of privacy and you know how strict privacy protection rules exist today … but unfortunately all these rules in the Casa del GF do not apply!

Among the other competitors, is there anyone who intrigues you more than others?

I know a few but I hope to know everyone and make myself known to everyone. There is not one or one that particularly intrigues me.

What could make you angry?

Definitely the lack of respect. I am used to respecting everyone but at the same time I demand respect from everyone.

Even on the pitch you have shown that you have an impulsive character: how do you plan to control yourself inside the house?

We grow up and as we grow up we also learn to control our emotions and reactions. So even in the house I have to learn to control both things but without distorting my personality.

Are you usually a neat person? Are you ready to cook or clean the house?

I go a lot in the day. There are days when I am very messy and others when I am very tidy .. Housework is not a problem for me; I live alone and not just so I had to learn.

Did Mario give you any advice?

He gives me a lot of advice but in this case he just said “be yourself but please behave yourself”.

What did your girlfriend tell you?

He told me to do you see the beautiful person I am.

Is football your dream or do you hope other possibilities can open up with GfVip?

Football will always remain my dream. I’ve always been down to earth, I take this adventure for what it is: a game … so what comes after playing … will come.



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