Big loss not only for the Street series! Actor Ladislav Dušek died

“In deep sadness, we announce that our colleague and friend Ladislav Dušek left us forever yesterday after a serious illness,” the theater published a sad news on Saturday morning on social networks.

Ladislav Dušek last appeared on stage on September 28 in the role of the Archbishop of Canterbury in the finale of the production The King’s Speech. During his life, he changed more than 200 larger or smaller roles not only in the FX Šalda Theater.

“If we were to introduce Ladislav Dušek’s acting characteristics in a nutshell, it could sound like this: spontaneous talent, originality, honesty and an indispensable move to the success of the production.

Dušek devoted himself not only to theater, he also established himself as a musical actor, he also appeared in several films and series. One of them is the Street. “The departure of Ladislav Dušek hit us a lot, especially in these difficult times. We counted on him in the future as well, because he was a wonderful colleague who immediately fell among us. We will never forget him on the Street, even if he was only part of our team for a short time.” Jana Maršíková, the producer of the series, reacted to the death of a representative of Vojta’s grandfather.

In addition to acting, he was also involved in politics, twice becoming a member of the Liberec council.

People express their condolences to the family and survivors, many people have known Ladislav Dušek since childhood. “Many thanks for so many joys and tears that you have been able to arouse in each of us thanks to your art. Sincere condolences to all those closest to you,” Naomi A., for example, responded to the sad news. More are still being added.


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