Bilal Hassani plays "King" in the first semifinal

"I'm inventing my life / Do not ask me who I am." Bilal Hassani, who represents France at Eurovision 2019, sang King, Tuesday, May 14, during the first semifinal of the singing contest, held in Tel Aviv. Dressed in white, he interpreted the lyrics of his song inspired by his personal life on stage, alongside two dancers. An excerpt of this service was broadcast in the broadcast broadcast live on France 4 and the whole put on line on YouTube.

At 19, Bilal Hassani describes himself as a "Eurovision fan who participates". With her blonde wig, her androgynous look and her "fascination for extravagance", Bilal Hassani remains "in (his) role", that of"to be there to entertain people". The young man, who had to file a complaint after being the victim of homophobic insults and death threats, wants to stay "focused on the dream" that it is "living".

Tuesday night, interviewed a few minutes before the broadcast of the excerpt of his performance, he talked about his idols Mickael Jackson and David Bowie. "These models also expressed their personality through their clothes", he said. And to add about King : "I just wanted to talk about myself at first, then I realized that a lot of people were touched by the message in the song."

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