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Bílek and Horváth lead the uprising of the Pilsen minimalists

Who is the best defender in the Czech Republic? Jaromír Bosák and Luděk Mádl analyze the current situation in the forefront of the Fortuna League and highlight the form of Michal Bílek’s charges. Karel Tvaroh poems about the most dramatic match of the season in the English Premier League.

The water carriers unanimously described Pilsen in Pilsen as a pleasant surprise of the spring. Under the coaching duo Bílek – Horváth, the Victorians are proud of the best defensive form in the league. Thanks to the excellent work of these two men, Pilsen is doing better than expected.

Like Csaplár with Škorpil

“They are two completely different characters, so they complement each other wonderfully. On one side is Michal Bílek, who represents a kind of tactical maturity, firm order and structure. On the other hand, we have Pavel Horváth, who uses such a free-thinking creativity in practice. When they both come together, they are like day and night. Together, it works for them, “says the podcast moderator Jaromír Bosák.

“They remind me of the Csaplár-Škorpil duo, which once worked very well in Liberec. I think that Pavel Horváth will become an excellent coach in the future. I like to see him on television as an expert, in the analysis of matches he can describe in a few sentences exactly why what is happening, he has an excellent eye, analytical thinking and the gift of expressive ability. These are talents that he will undoubtedly use not only in the studio, but also in the cabin. I feel that he will make a significant impact as a coach, “says Luděk Mádl, a football expert in the News List.

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In the latest episode, the porters thought about why they are the best defenders in Pilsen and what Michal Bílek’s attitude towards media appearances is.

Apostate Krmenčík?

In the podcast, we also could not omit the cup competitions within the European Conference League, which were also affected by both Prague’s “S”. Stitchers, who took a one-goal lead from Istanbul, Turkey, can be much happier. With their victory, the Slavs also significantly helped the Czech club coefficient, in which it is currently fighting for Turkey for the key 15th place. And who shone the most on the hot Turkish soil? It wasn’t Mesut Özil.

In connection with Slavia, the case of Michael Krmenčík also came up. The Slavic forward jumped on the red and white reserve at the request of the weekend. And that after he learned that he would not play in the league or in the cup. And so we ask ourselves whether Krmenčík is compatible with the current stitching system. Is it possible to “re-educate” into the philosophy of Jindřich Trpišovský?

Sparta is looking for a savior

The new episode also looks at the other bank of the Vltava – the Letna. According to Carriers, the older Spartans have lost their football magic and the younger ones do not always work as they would imagine at Letná. In addition, the Spartans suffer from a long-standing problem with Serbian rivals as well as their own lawn.

In connection with the rogue Sparta, the porters wonder if the club management did not make a series of mistakes when it released Jan Fortelný and Václav Sejk for a Teplice guest appearance. Would they stand out under Pavel Vrba on Letná? And why, according to Jaromír Bosák, why would Sparta’s biggest reinforcement be an immediate lawn change?

In the latest episode, you will also find out how ex-banker Yira Sor acclimatized in Slavia. And you will learn more about the rocking chair under the Mladá Boleslav coach Karel Jarolím, whose club sold out the skeleton of the team in January.

In the foreign part of the podcast, the Carriers analyze the Premier League hit between the Citizens and the Spurs, mourn the injury of Patrik Schick and look forward to the continuation of the closely watched Champions League. And there is also a betting window with Fortuna, in which the Carriers bet on the retaliatory duels of the Prague “S” in the European Conference League.

Listen to the entire current episode of the new football podcast in the player at the beginning of the article or at Podcasty.cz.

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