Bill Clinton: Xi Jinping “President for Life” Affects US-China Relations to Worsen Page all

WASHINGTON DC, – Ex president United States of America ( AS) is 42, Bill Clinton said Xi Jinping’s status as ” president lifetime” China has changed the dynamics relationship between the two largest economic countries in the world.

Tension relations between the US and China are still high ahead of the transition to elected president, Joe Biden, according to Clinton is not entirely the fault of the previous president, Donald Trump.

China, with its “lifelong” leader, Xi Jinping, said he had changed many things, including the diplomatic relations between the two countries.

“The old Chinese system, which was not a democracy at all, still guarantees a fair amount of debate, play and openness because there is a regular rotation of leadership,” Clinton said as quoted by the press. The Independent on Friday (20/11/2020).

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“Now, it looks like someone in charge of China who intends to serve there for life (Xi Jinping), basically, it changes things,” Clinton said.

But at the same time, the US “shouldn’t accept or assume that things are going to be bad” without trying to “make it better,” Clinton said in a conversation with former British prime minister Tony Blair at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum.

Clinton suggested the US could strengthen its position in dealing with China by bringing in Asian and European partners.

Relationship US diplomacy with its traditional western European allies, according to him, is currently also being slack in the last 4 years.

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Xi led the Communist Party in removing term limits for China’s president in February 2018, which means he will not be marginalized in 2023, or even completely irreplaceable for the rest of his life.

He recently spoke about doubling the size of China’s economy by 2035, hinting at his long reign.

Clinton noted that there is “clear disagreement” between Washington and Beijing over many issues, such as the upheaval of the legal system in Hong Kong or the treatment of Muslims in western China.

However, emphasizing the importance of working together on global issues such as climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic.

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During Donald’s tenure Trump, US-China relations have declined.

Under Trump’s leadership, many high-ranking American officials have made China an enemy in their public statements, whether in trade issues, Covid-19 handling, security in the South China Sea, or relations with China’s neighbors in Asia, such as India.

Talk about Joe’s priorities Biden After he took power, Clinton advised him to look at strengthening the US role in international organizations, such as the World Health Organization and military alliances such as NATO.

Clinton basically emphasized rebuilding America’s influence that had eroded under Trump’s leadership.

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Trump has also withdrawn the US from the Paris Climate Agreement ahead of the presidential election, which the president-elect has promised will return the U.S. to the agreement once he is appointed.

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Clinton said the new administration needed to be given the opportunity to achieve a “strategic partnership” that would “allow us to do good things together and try to minimize the bad things we think will happen, if we just leave.”

Blair agreed and said the “big challenge with China” was having “a strategic framework for dealing with China, rather than a series of reactions to this to whatever China might do. “

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