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Bill Gates seduced his colleague: He left the company for sex!

When Bill (65) and Melinda (56) recently announced the end of their marriage to Gates, it seemed that the fourth richest man in the world, with assets of around 2.8 trillion crowns, could no longer be surprised. Error! The sedentary-looking Gates (65) suddenly acquires the image of a “bastard”!

It turns out that over the years he has invited his colleagues to meetings or dinners, and that already in 2000 he “scored” at one of them and enjoyed her arms. After 19 years, however, the woman reported everything to Microsoft’s board of directors, even with a request to tell Melinda as well. In the United States, workplace sex is a very tricky business, and the board has begun to investigate the matter. In March 2020, then Bill Gates he unexpectedly announced that he was leaving the company for a well-deserved rest – and it was after the scandal. “It’s been 20 years, they broke up as friends then. It had nothing to do with leaving the company, “says Gates’ spokesman today.

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