Saturday, 19 Jan 2019

Bill Gates will allocate more 1000 million euros to fight malaria

LONDON.- Microsoft co-founder and US philanthropist Bill Gates announced today that his foundation will invest up to 2023 a total of 700 million pounds (1,002 million dollars) in the fight against malaria.

Gates participated today in a meeting of the summit of the Commonwealth, which is held this week in London, where he said that it is “vital” a greater investment in satellite tracking of mosquitoes to eradicate the disease .

The American reported that the investment of its Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will be aimed at improving the images offered by mosquito satellites because, he said, “we must continue to innovate to control malaria.”

Gates emphasized the need for further investigation because the “conditions of disease they evolve. ”

“The mosquito and the parasite develop resistance to the interventions we use to fight against them. People move and constantly change patterns of transmission, “he said.

“We need surveillance with many more geographical details, we need it in real time and we need it to capture more information,” he added.

For the first time in ten years, malaria cases are no longer decreasing, recalled Gates, who pointed out that not only “progress has stalled” but in “some countries the trend has reversed.”

Currently, six out of ten cases of this disease all over the world they are detected in one of the 53 countries that are part of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Therefore, the leaders of these countries are being exhorted to reduce by half the number of people affected by this pathology by 2023, an objective that, if met, would prevent 350 million cases and save 650,000 lives.

Heads of 16 of the 53 Commonwealth countries attended the meeting that addressed this problem today, organized by the governments of Rwanda – one of the countries that has experienced the most cases of Malaria -, Swaziland and the United Kingdom.

Malaria kills a child every two minutes and 90% of the population of the Commonwealth of Nations lives in countries where the prevalence of disease .

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