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Bill Withers, singer of “Just the Two of Us”, is dead

He had sung hits like “Just the Two of Us”, “Lean on Me”, “Lovely Day” or “Ain’t No Sunshine”. Soul singer Bill Withers died at the age of 81, his family said in a statement. Withers was undoubtedly one of the most emblematic representatives of African-American music. Her melodies, sensual and comforting, and her voice, at the same time confident, sensitive and sometimes fragile, have left masterpieces of popular music.

Benjamin of a family of six, Bill Withers grew up in poverty in a mining community in West Virginia. After having chained the odd jobs and to be enlisted in the navy, he goes to Los Angeles to get started in music.

In 1971, with his first album and his “Ain’t No Sunshine”, Withers was to start a decade of success. One year after his first hit, he continues with the bewitching “Lean on Me” – what an intro! – which will become a hymn of friendship.This title was also played during the inaugurations of Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. In 1981, he signed with Grover Washington his greatest success, repeated many times and used in films and advertisements: “Just the Two of Us”. Three Grammy Award winner Bill Withers entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2015.

He died, according to the American media, of “heart complications”.

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