Bird Paradise turned ‘to hell’

Samsun The fire control and cooling works carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department, Bafra Forest Management Chief, Samsun Provincial Gendarmerie Command and 19 Mayıs Municipality personnel continue at full speed. Fire Smoke and flames continue to rise from the land, even though it is over in some areas. Sprinklers and heavy equipment are interfering with the fire. It is hoped that the fire, which moves towards a water channel with the effect of the wind, will lose its effect in the following hours.


May 19 Mayor Osman Topaloğlu stated that 200 hectares of land had been affected by the fire so far. Topaloğlu said, “The exact time the fire started will be determined with later information. To us and the district governor at 12.00. news was given. We’ve been around since then. With the arrival of our latest work machine, we are currently trying to take control. The burning place is scrub and bushy area, but no matter what, this is a region where the habitat is very high, there are a lot of living species and ecological life is experienced too much. We are saddened at the point of living creatures that die because of it. Also, natural vegetation becomes like this in 20-30 years. We are sorry for this, but there has not been any loss of life, any damage to any house, no property damage until now. We are trying to take control of it. I hope we will take control of this by completing the cooling works before tonight, ”he said.

Bird Paradise turned 'to hell'



Kızılırmak Delta Bird ParadiseThe fire that broke out in the reed and scrub area was taken under control as a result of the firefighting teams. With the construction equipment, a line was created around the area where the fire was located and the spread of the flames was prevented.


Ondokuzmayıs Mayor Osman Topaloğlu said, “Of course, there was natural life and animals lived in the area where the fire was found. We are very sorry at this point. With the work done, the fire was prevented from spreading to nearby Galeriç Forests and houses. I hope it happened by accident. “About 2 thousand acres of land are destroyed, of course, our lungs burned here,” he said.


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