Birgit Skarstein: – Opens in the heavy year

Athlete Birgit Skarstein (31) impressed both the judges and the TV viewers from the parquet during the “Shall we dance” participation earlier this autumn. A couple of weeks ago, however, what many had not imagined happened, Skarstein had to leave the floor, which many did referred to as a shock exit.

– It has been an absolutely fantastic autumn, said the 31-year-old, when she and dance partner Philip Raabe had to thank her.

On the other hand, she can not say the same about last year’s autumn, where the sports profile faced many challenges – which made her go to the basement. To “Good evening Norway” she tells that a close friend died suddenly and that the bonus sister got cancer.

ATTENTION: Birgit Skarstein and Philip Raabe received standing ovations after their first dance in “Skal vi danse”. Now she talks about the attention and the very good chemistry with her dance partner. Reporter: Emma Eriksson. Video: Steffen Pettersen / Red Carpet
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– It will pass

In November last year, she also wrote on Instagram that she and her fiancé Martin Sletten had chosen to separate – three years after they got engaged.

– It must be law. Then you have to try to get up again and not stay in the basement, she says in the program about the difficult time.

The 31-year-old further says that she tried as best she could to be generous with herself and had to allow herself to have a hard time.

However, she admits that she thought it would be tough to go through the breakup – especially considering that she was in a challenging situation with her bonus sister and had recently lost a close friend.

– But at the same time I know that I will get through it. That it passes, she says.

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Opened about the break

Only a short time before Skarstein and Sletten went their separate ways, the former told Dagbladet that they had postponed the wedding because her career took up so much of her time.

“It feels a little strange to write this, but to avoid misunderstandings, it’s okay to tell it yourself,” the sports profile opened the post on Instagram when they chose to share the decision to end the relationship.

The 31-year-old said that the two separated as friends.

“Martin and I are a good team, but we have decided not to be lovers anymore. We have had four fantastic years, a lot of fun and worked well together. We are very happy in each other, and grateful for everything we have done and experienced in teams ».

Skarstein said that it had been challenging to combine a private life with a lot of travel and activity in his career.

“Gradually we have become less boyfriends and more colleagues,” she continued.

Became known on TV

Birgit Skarstein charmed the whole of Norway when she participated in the Lars Monsen series “Ingen grenser” on NRK in 2011. She joined the TV series three years after her life was turned upside down as a result of a swimming accident on holiday in Malaysia.

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Skarstein was 19 years old and was on holiday in Thailand in 2009, where she had, among other things, worked as a volunteer at an orphanage. The 31-year-old, who was 19 at the time, decided to take a bath in the scorching heat. The athlete jumped out of the pier and landed with her legs first on something she did not quite know what was.

In an interview with KK she said last year that the water around her changed color to red and that when she rose from the water, her foot was torn off. Again, only a thin rag hung.

– I had two operations in Thailand where they tried to sew the foot back, she told the magazine.

Ble lam

Furthermore, Skarstein said that after a week in a hospital in Asia, she had been infected by a rare carnivorous bacterium, of which there was only one other case in the world. The bacterium was treated with various antibiotics, and twice Skarstein went into anaphylactic shock due to an allergic reaction.

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Eventually the bacterium came under control and the 31-year-old was out of danger. Then the work of reconstructing the ankle and the leg bone remained. Skarstein was allowed to travel home to Norway where he waited nine months in hospital.

In the previous TVNorge series «In the head of Tufte» she also opened up about the complications which came in the aftermath of the accident. She had several operations behind her when things went wrong during the last operation, where the goal was to try and get the function back in her leg.

The epidural she had received in her back did not leave her body as it should, and Skarstein woke up – without feelings from the waist down.

The tough Levanger girl told further in the TV program that she trained hard in the aftermath of the failed operation, and that she had clear goals all the way.

– What was in my head was to teach me and drive a wheelchair, get strong enough to handle life, move back to Oslo, continue my studies and go to Blindern and drink beer, she said in the TV program with a smile on her face .

And this autumn – and not least in her career – the 31-year-old has proven that she has managed just that.

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