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Bitcoin reached this year’s high, beating $ 48,000

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According to the specialized portal CoinDesk, bitcoin gained 0.9 percent to $ 47,679 in 24 hours. Earlier in the session, it rose to $ 48,201.75, the highest since December 29. Bitcoin has strengthened by 12 percent in the last week.

Along with it, they strengthen other cryptocurrencies. Ethereum, the second most famous of them, rose to $ 3,449.70, the highest since January 7.

An example of the turnover of the institutions can be the statement of BlackRock boss Larry Fink. He said last week that the war in Ukraine could eventually accelerate the development of digital currencies as a tool for settling international transactions. Earlier, Fink referred to bitcoin as the “money laundering index.”

Bitcoin reached an all-time high of almost $ 69,000 last November. Subsequently, in just 24 days, it fell by almost 30 percent.

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