Bjørgen about the comeback: – Struggled with motivation

In May, it became clear that Marit Bjørgen makes a comeback in the ski track and will participate in next year’s edition of the Vasaloppet. This is the first cross-country race she competes in since she retired in 2018.

– I was a little inspired when I received a request from Team Ragde. I was not so difficult to pray, Bjørgen says in Friday’s Lindmo broadcast.

The Vasaloppet is a Swedish long-distance race that many high-profile cross-country skiers participate in every year. To NRK earlier this year, Bjørgen said the following about having the opportunity to compete for Team Ragde Eiendom, which includes Therese Johaug and Anders Aukland in the stable from before.

– It makes me gira to have the opportunity to be on the world’s best long distance team. I am curious to learn something new and have something concrete to work towards, and I have ambitions when I first get the start number. Then we will see what I get to do in the months leading up to it, the ski queen told the state channel at the time.

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Tung start

Despite the fact that Bjørgen was happy when the request came, she admits at Lindmo that the first training period was heavy.

– I struggled a bit with the motivation to get out to train. Now that I have set myself that goal, you have to do that job, Bjørgen says.

This is not the first race Bjørgen has run since she left in 2018. The ski queen went, among other things, a roller ski race earlier this year in Oslo, where she ended up two minutes behind Therese Johaug.

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– I think it has gone well this autumn. I have been on some of the long trips with the guys on Team Ragde, and I have received positive answers, Bjørgen said to NRK i september.

Have faith

Several of Bjørgen’s former teammates have threatened that Bjørgen can assert himself this winter.

– I do not want to say too much about Marit’s form, but I think it will be good for the winter. When Marit bet, she was the best in the world, but I think what she shows now is also impressive. It will be exciting to see, Heidi Weng told Dagbladet earlier this autumn.

Therese Johaug is looking forward to seeing her former teammate and rival back on the ski track.

– Marit’s form is good, it. It will be exciting to see her in the winter. Marit is not where she was before, but is at a good level. I think Marit will do well. Bjørgen is back in business, Johaug told Dagbladet.

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