Wednesday, 12 Dec 2018

BJP, Congress Exchange Barbs in front of Modi address to U.P. farmers

One day after his government rejected a vote of no confidence in the Lok Sabha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said more on Saturday that the number of opposition parties uniting against him would increase, and the BJP would flourish. He claimed that he enjoyed the trust of the people and said he had to face the motion of censure because his "only mistake" was to "fight corruption" and "stand in full force against nepotism."

Using the Hindi metaphor of a lotus spilling out of the mud, Mr. Modi equated the "Dal and Dal" (opposition parties) to the "Dal-Dal" (marshy area). Yeh unka dal dal ka khel, kamal khilane ke lye naya avsar dene wala hai (The more the swampy area, the more the lotus will bloom.) Jitna zyada dal dal hota hai, utna kyada kamal khilta hai Their game "Dal dal" will only give one opportunity for the lotus to flower), "Mr Modi said. Mr. Modi spoke to a Kisan Samman rally for farmers in the Shahjahanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. He has already raised rallies in Azamgarh, Sant Kabir Nagar, Varanasi, Mirzapur and Noida over the past three weeks.

He criticized the opposition for raising a motion of censure against him and said they had disobeyed the "mandate". from the people who would no longer tolerate parties led by the values ​​of "arrogance and submission". " Chahe Cycle ho ya hati, arey kisi ko bhi banalo sathi, swarth ke iss swang ko desh bhali bhanti samajh chuka hai . (Be it the SP or the BSP, you can take anyone with you But the country clearly understood this swaggering game of selfishness, "said Mr. Modi.

Referring to the defeat of the opposition in the "The voice of the opposition was even poorer during the soil test than their numbers." You can not understand the mood of today's India. They believe that they can continue to manipulate the system. But the time has changed ed, so has the country and the mentality of youth … Their formula to threaten democracy will not work soon, "said Mr Modi.

The Prime Minister called the various steps that his government The BJP government was busy electrifying households and providing toilets to women, and the opposition parties were running a motion of no-confidence in parliament, reiterating its allegation that the opposition was just concentrating on defending its seat After his speech on Friday, he referred to the surprise embrace by Congress President Rahul Gandhi at the Lok Sabha.

"Some parties say they have no confidence in Modi, they have no confidence in the government that invites you historic mandate. I have repeatedly asked them yesterday in Parliament to name the reason for [moving] mistrust [motion]. When they could not give a satisfactory answer, gale padh gaye (gave me an unwanted hug), "said Mr. Modi.

The Prime Minister asked the crowd to judge his term." I gave you four years long served, tell me, have I committed any wrong deed? Am I on the wrong track? Did I do something for my own interest? Do not I do that for the country, for the poor and peasants? "Asked Mr. Modi.

Mr. Modi said that his true strength came from the 125 million inhabitants of India and" Babasaheb Ambedkar's constitution, "and against the wishes of the people The rally in Shahjahanpur was strategically placed as the district is located at the crossroads of sugarcane and paddy belts, and houses one of Mandis' largest foodgrain in the state. Farmers made up more than Half a dozen neighboring districts participated in the rally in which Mr Modi announced that his government had raised the minimum price for cane mills to sugarcane growers by Rs 20 to Rs 275 per hundredweight and also imposed 100% import duties on sugar, while exporting 20 lakh tonnes He also described his government's previous decision to raise the minimum support price for 14 kharif crops as historic. [19659010] (function (d, s, id) {
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