Black Facebook employees complain of racism, the progress of discrimination


SAN FRANCISCO – The problem of black people at an anonymous memo allowing Facebook to continue to circulate within the company one year after a former employee complained about racism and discrimination.

The Medium post of 12 current and former employees, originally reported by Business Insider, gives a number of racist incidents, suggesting that morale remains lower since Mark Luckie published his Facebook post on discrimination on the Silicon Valley campus. social media platform and giant.

Both poor guidelines mainly reveal the lines of racist faults in the high-tech industry and the impact of the lack of persistence and ongoing representation of black people within Facebook on how black people are treated on Facebook and on their other platforms.

“We can be smiling. We can post industry influences and famous people on Instagram. We can use the IG Share Stories Share Black Stories filter and be visible on marketing pieces. We can accept each other and be satisfied that we have the opportunity to work with a company that affects nearly three billion people, ”says the anonymous memo. “On the inside, we're sad. Angry. Under pressure. Depression. And they will be treated every day through the micro-attacks and micro-attacks as we do not belong here. ”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks to guests at Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California on Tuesday, January, 31, 2017. More than a year later, Facebook co-founder was dealing with large-scale abuse of his knowledge users personal.

The time was time for Facebook, a summit with hundreds of black employees where Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg spoke "the importance of inclusion and empowerment." Many of the black employees were then planning to attend the Afro Tech conference in Oakland.

Bertie Thomson, Vice President of corporate communications, apologized in an email statement.

“No one on Facebook, or anywhere else, should have to bear this behavior. We are sorry. It goes against everything we stand as a company. We are listening and working hard to do better, ”Thomson said.

Within the company, Facebook has made a show of recruiting more diverse talent, but it has not changed much over the last year “to ensure that people are equitably recognized, covered and treated fairly by their managers. and their colleagues, ”says the Medium job. “In fact, things are even worse.” T

The 12 current employees and former black employees offered a long list of micro-enterprises, the weight of which comes together over time.

Two white employees asked a black program manager to clean up after eating the breakfast. Other black employees describe a hostile working environment in which color people are treated as “aggressive, angry and unusual” and managers focus on negative feedback, condemn how black employees speak in meetings or inform employees that they are they should be more reserved and respectful. On the Blind, the app that allows Facebook employees to gain post-names experience, black employees say that their colleagues treat them with violence.


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