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Black Fungus Disease Spread Worse, India Establishes Special Hospital Ward. All

NEW DELHI, KOMPAS.com – A special hospital ward will be set up in the Indian capital, New Delhi, to tackle the black fungus disease that continues to spread.

The plan was revealed by authorities on Thursday (20/5/2021), when life-threatening black fungus cases have surged among India’s coronavirus patients.

They say, black fungus which is its medical name Mucormycosis or Mucormycosis is now numbering in thousands of cases.

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Then several doctors revealed that the high use of steroids to treat Covid-19 in India caused a spike in black fungus cases.

News agency AFP reported, Indian black fungus kills more than 50 percent of sufferers within a few days.

In some cases, the patient’s eyes and maxilla are removed by the surgeon to stop the infection from spreading.

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New Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said special wards would be set up in three hospitals to deal with India’s increasing number of black fungus cases.

He also promised to make sure all patients get the medicine they need. India is currently running short on these anti-fungal drugs.

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There are more than 200 black fungus patients in New Delhi hospitals and dozens of people on the waiting list are getting beds, according to media reports.

Social media is also flooded with requests from sufferers’ relatives Mucormycosis who begged for help to get medicine.

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The states of Rajasthan and Telangana have declared black fungus epidemics, while in the state of Maharashtra there have been more than 2,000 cases.

Indian authorities have not provided a death toll for mucormycosis patients since the Covid-19 tsunami six weeks ago.

Black fungus is caused by an organism called mucormycetes, which can enter the body through breathing or a cut in the skin.

Mucormycetes naturally present in soil and decaying organic matter, but once inside humans can infect the air sacs behind the forehead, nose, cheekbones, and between the eyes and teeth.

Some doctors said there was panic in using steroids to treat Covid-19 in India which had an impact on the spread of black fungus.

Corona virus patients with diabetes and weak immune systems are also very susceptible to black fungus.

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