Black Panther, The Dark Knight And Comic Book Movies Another Oscar's attention

Heath Ledger as a Joker in Dark Knight

There is something about a “comic book” that does not add to the Academy. However, when film fans look back at a modern cinema, they are likely to refer to Christopher Nolan. Dark knight trilogy movies, MCU movies for example Black Panther and other entries in the genre as titles which had a cultural impact on viewers and filmmakers over “Oscar films”. very interesting and topical entries of the era.

As the 2019 Oscar race begins, Todd Phillips & # 39; Joker it could be a competitor. Critics have been named as a “masterpiece” movie on the DC comics movie ie. With performance recommendation Joaquin Phoenix. Whispers of Oscar's campaign for Avengers: Endgame Also included in this year's conversation. The question of all our minds is: can the Academy's basic roots in every funny book achieve? It happened sometimes for years (and more often)! We make the comic book genre that presents Oscar achievements so far to break down. Here are the comic book movies which can win themselves as Academy Award winners, among genres with at least one shoe for nomination of their Best Visual Effects.

Christopher Reeve as a movie Superman 1978


Back in 1978, fans of comic books finally got the first block-holder when Richard Donner Superman view theaters. Capes and cowls were represented on television as television programs (many show) and radio shows, but Christopher Christopher's epic with Kryptonian origin story, including the first of the major screens by Lex Luthor, said. (Against California earthquakes?)

After Superman It was the second mass production film of the year, named for three Oscar: Best Audio, Best Film Editing and Best Music thanks to John Williams' iconic participation. He did not win these categories, but was awarded a Special Achievement Award for the pioneering scenery effects – a comic film that has remained since then.

Michael Keaton as Batman in 1989


When Warner Bros ’ Superman the franchise was dry, the studio turned on Tim Burton to adapt the Dark Knight by 1989 Batman, with Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne and Jack Nicholson as The Joker. The greatest victory in the year was even over Indiana Jones's latest The Last Crusade (at the time anyway).

At the Oscar, Batman He won an Academy Award for the Artistic / Calm Decoration Guide. It would be the first of the movies that was changing around Batman and Joker to get Oscar attention. This early entry in the genre of comic books at any time shows that the Academy did not make any question of the donation of a major mass caterer. Maybe because it was a brand new Hollywood scene at the time?

Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith as Kay Agent and Jay in Men in Black

Men in black clothes

1997 Oscar voters had no difficulty in awarding the highest praise to eyelashes that were widely visible. Titanic not only was the box office records broken, but an Academy Award records 14 nominations – 11 of which made the trophy for the biggest Hollywood night. In addition to Rose and Jack's viral love story, Men in black clothes It was the second biggest film of the year, nominated by three Oscars.

Yes, Men in black clothes It is based on a series of comic books created by Lowell Cunningham and Sandy Carruthers. The action comedy was named by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones for Art Decoration / Set and the Best Original Score from Danny Elfman, and he won it for Best Makeup.

Tom Hanks on Road to Perdition

Road to Perdition

In 2002, director Sam Mendes adapted a comic book that could not be commemorated – Road to Perdition. The DC Comics, Paradox Press, first published the non-neur crime thriller series in 1998 before Fox created an awards competition, with Tom Hanks, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Paul Newman, Daniel Craig, Jude Law and Tyler Hoechlin young. The The Superman CW).

Road to Perdition It is set during the Great Depression and a father and son who has to flee from his home after a learner's son has witnessed murder. The thriller won Conrad L. Hall's second best Cinematography Oscar American beauty (also led by Sam Mendes), and received five other nominations, including Best Support Actor for Paul Newman, Best Direction Decoration / Art Decoration, Best Sound Mixing, Best Audio Editing and Best Original Score by Thomas Newman.

Tobey Maguire Spider-Man 2, New York City swing

Spider-Man 2

Sam Raimi met another golden trophy (and not less than at least) who won a golden trophy on Oscar night Spider-Man 2, 15 years ago. The Spidey 2004 sequence was the second highest film per year Shrek 2Regime. In the film, Peter Parker, Tobey Maguire, tackles Doc Ock by Alfred Molina and struggles to strike a balance between his personal life and the fight against crime.

Spider-Man 2 An Oscar of Outstanding Achievement in Video Effects, continuing his comic book pathways. A predecessor Spider man named in 2002, together with 1992 Batman returns and 1994's The Mask, but Spider-Man 2 showed that a comic book fee could also take the prize. The film was also named for Best Sound Mixing and Best Audio Editing.

Heath Ledger and Christian Bale as Joker and Batman in Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

The comic book genre got into the eye of critics when Christopher Nolan gave a guide to Batman's gritty realism starring Christian Bale. 2008 Sequence. T Batman begins in particular, it was highly commended The Dark Knight eight incredible Oscar nominations, including Best Advocate Support winner who died from Heath Ledger's Joker.

While he was not living to bring home the honor that night, Ledger's performance showed that adaptations can make a comic book and win in major active categories. The Dark Knight Also, it won the Best Audio Editing and was named for Best Cinematography, Editing Film, Art Direction, Makeup, Mixing Audio and Scene Effects.

Hiro, Tadashi and Baymax in Big Hero 6

Great Hero 6

After Disney's major entrance into the genre with the success of the MCU, the animation section of the studio provided the film inspired by the Marvel Comic in 1998. Great Hero 6 He told an emotional story of a boy named Hiro who creates a bond with his brother's invention, Baymax, after his death death and goes with a superhero group with his high-tech friends.

Disney has often been a key player for the Best Animation Film category for many years, and has won the previous two years. Frozen and Brave. The comic book 2014 presented the prize at home, and continued to put Disney forward in the category for three years thereafter.

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad

Warner Bros has recently found it difficult to achieve DC Comic's properties to follow Christopher Nolan's mark on the genre. Suicide Squad it may not have been in line with the expectations of the audience, but it has met commercially, with a worldwide demand of $ 746 million, and is… an Oscar winner.

David Ayer Suicide Squad He won for the single category he named in: Best Makeup & Hairstyling. The observer was very successful that there were great transformations for his comic-turned book actors, and that the film will be looked at specifically. The franchise is proceeding with another installment on the writing and guidance of James Gunn, which will come in 2021.

Miles Morales in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Going back to the Best Animated Film category, t Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse The category rose in 2018 when it broke up the aforementioned Disney streak when it gave the prize to Sony Animation. The stylized activity comedy brought viewers into Miles Morales and your other heroes Spider-Gwen as Spider-Gwen and Spider-Man Noir.

Into the Spider-Verse marked the main prize for Marvel, especially for films that are deeply rooted in diversity and acceptance of who you are. The animated film is named as the best Spider-Man movie to date and the genre by many fans. However, the Spidey spike was the most extreme, so Oscar victory brought a huge boost to the film.

Black Panther suit in a hunting scene

Black Panther

Marvel also made waves in the live action categories in 2018 Black PantherSeven Oscar nominations, including his claim for the Best Picture. Wakanda's epic won three Oscar for Ludwig Göransson's enabling score, Best Clothing Design for Ruth E. Carter and Best Production Design.

Black Panther lost in Best Original song, Audio Editing, Mixing Audio and Best Picture Categories. One way or so, Marvel had an incredible night last year at the Oscars for his achievements Black Panther, which broke tons of previous records to earn $ 1.3 billion and its cultural impact.

We need it! History in comic book movies at the Oscar! The time will tell how the titles Joker and Avengers: Endgame make this awards season! Follow us on CinemaBlend as we learn more in the coming months about the films coming in each category!

Do you think comic book movies are not represented by the Oscar? Leave your ideas in the comments section below!


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