Friday, 14 Dec 2018

"Black Panther" wins first Marvel Studios nomination for Golden Globe

Marvel Studios wins its first Golden Globe nomination for Best Drama for its $ 1 billion Black Panther movie

"Black Panther" was nominated for three overall Globes, including best original score by Ludwig Goransson and best song by Kendrick Lamar and "All the Stars" by SZA.

This is a historic feat for superhero cinema. With the exception of Heath Ledger's posthumous Academy Award for best actor for his role as Joker in "The Dark Knight," the genre has not proven itself in the biggest Hollywood awards shows. While several Marvel films have been nominated for the visual effects Oscars, none have won. And although "Deadpool" was the first Marvel film franchise to be nominated for a Golden Globe two years ago, it was the best movie in the comedy or musical category. (It was also an appointment that did not count for Marvel Studios because Twentieth Century Fox was licensed for Deadpool by Marvel Entertainment, but Ryan Reynolds will probably tell you there's a lot of drama with Fox Try to do it.The trailer for Deadpool's new holiday movie, "Once Upon a Deadpool," with Fred Savage, can help explain.)

A better Golden Globes nomination might mean that "Black Panther" could get the same treatment at the Oscars, but a nod to the Globes is not always a guarantee of Oscar admiration.

The director of "Black Panther" Ryan Coogler has not received a nomination for Best Director. Coogler also co-wrote "Black Panther" with Joe Robert Cole and was credited with setting a tone for the film that dealt with the relationship between Africa and its diaspora, a deep cultural and sociological dive to which many maybe did not wait with a movie. connected to a nested franchise of superhero movies.

Chadwick Boseman, star of "Coogler" and "Black Panther", will return in the franchise for a sequel. Production should start sometime towards the end of next year.

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